World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – Future Hack

During the week of the World Economic Forum in Davos & Klosters nestled on the top of a mountain is FutureHack. A call to action for solutions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). #FutureHack

The January 2018 Hackathon events takes place in Davos/Klosters, Switzerland. FutureHack is partnering with the Slovenian government as the country looks to further systemize governmental systems, enhance governance structures, and continue to promote a thriving culture for decentralized projects on the blockchain.

The hackathon focuses on Social Impact and Partnerships to demonstrate that blockchain projects can be compelling solutions for the United Nations SDGs, and for the future of humanity.

FutureHack is seeking talented individuals and teams of top developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate to solve one of SIX pressing global challenges, such as climate change, clean energy, solutions for healthcare, and community/governance systems.

This initial hackathon kicks off a series of #FutureHack events including the launch of our friend‘s  Ocean Fund  

Stay tuned and see you in Davos!