“Our challenge is to create a new language, even a new sense of what it is to be human. It is to transcend not only national limitations, but even our species isolation, to enter into the larger community of living species. This brings about a completely new sense of reality and value.”

Thomas Berry in The Dream of the Earth



Our purpose is to discover, emerge and fund new stories in our consumer driven societies influencing and engaging millions of people to make Earth+ lifestyles choices. Where others only see despair, we see opportunities emerging and, where there is chaos, lives the chance for new systems. The power of story to shape our perspective, raise our awareness and evoke empathy is the tool most needed at this moment to awaken humanity and light the path towards (UN SDG 13) limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

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“We are prototyping an Earth positive Future”


The Earth+ Future Fund is a new holistic investment model. We are building an ecosystem in which financial returns and good deeds go hand in hand. The Fund is a triple bottom line impact amplification fund activating financial (Profit), environmental (Planet) and social (People) capital to create a blueprint that frames an Earth+ future for all.

Grounded in real estate, amplified on the virtual platform and expressed in myriad storytelling forms, we provide the framework and narrative shifting our collective story from catastrophe and detail the proactive steps we can take for an Earth Positive Future.


We are curating a mix of low- to high-risk, slow- and high-growth investment opportunities in one investment basket, creating well-balanced returns. The Earth Positive Future Fund is a triple bottom line impact amplification fund with three focus areas of investments:





Our focus is historic conservation. The concept of stewardship of the Earth and land is woven into a celebration of modern culture, demonstrating the potential of an Earth+ future. The AYD LA group will develop a cultural and educational entertainment and hospitality embassy for the 21st Century. The Embassy’s design will be the blueprint for a tangible prototype of an Earth+ society replicable across the world. The building itself will serve as a learning lab for sustainable construction to zero waste policy architecture to engineering and programming that will catalyze the positive transformation of humankind.




In a world full of distractions and displacement, people are looking for stories they can relate to and believe in. We manifest this by grasping the elements of chaos and division, repurposing them for a constructive end.  Enabled by a social media platform for safe exchange of ideas and inspiration, users will learn how to live and succeed through an Earth+ lifestyle.





Leveraging technology and the power of storytelling with our Earth+ messaging will be expressed in films, games, apps, AR/VR and yet-to-be discovered storytelling formats to reach billions of people and promote the story of a harmonious future. Hollywood storytelling is a proven channel to generate billions of dollars, but needs new programming. With new storytellers, come new stories of heroes who inspire millions of viewers to take leaps towards creating a better World rather than just fighting the power of the old. There is a potential that has been imagined, but not yet fulfilled  and this is where we see a golden opportunity to do good socially and very well financially.



Fulfilling the mission of being stewards of the land and its people, our fund is grounded in real property in the form of 21st century cultural embassies, amplified on the virtual platform and expressed in films, games, apps, AR/VR reflecting the vision emerged from the combined power of the financial, human, social, innovation, experience and trust capitals of our members. Over time, in addition to becoming the world’s largest property & land owner, this Embassy will serve as a prototype for an Earth+ society replicable across the world.



5 years after realizing one real estate development project in a designated city and surrounding areas will yield:


  • Real estate holdings of $100M
  • 8,000 sustaining conscious members in the AYD Embassy
  • 100 Intergenerational Ambassadors who promote Earth positive lifestyles


10 years from funding active interactive virtual engagement platforms to connect network of innovators and changemakers to amplify the combined power of financial, human, social, innovation and trust capitals:

  • 5-10 Films in production
  • 5-10 Games in market
  • 10-20 Apps on phones


Indirect Impact in 10 years time by Earth Positive Future Fund globally:

  • Fulfilling UN SDG 13 directive keeping global temperature rise this century below 2 degrees Celsius