Business development

More than just business coaching, we’re determined to help environmentally-conscious businesses to make the connections they need in order to make radical and real change in the world.

Through building strategic (and often unexpected!) partnerships across businesses, we help companies increase revenue and expand their global influence. Because after all, we can’t do any of this alone.

Start-Up Development

In a crowded marketplace, we help new start-up brands position themselves from the ground up.

Through custom programming when it comes to media planning, digital content, fundraising and product launches, we tailor our service to address the specific challenges and opportunities of some of the most unique start-ups out there. Our in-house experts will work closely with start-up leaders from the word ‘Go’: whether that’s providing a framework for pitching to investors or securing press for announcements.

Media & Communication strategy

We began by saying we don’t believe in classic PR, and it’s true. Yes, we do media campaigns, press relations and media partnerships – but the journey doesn’t just end there. Traditional PR for start-ups, businesses and NGOs simply doesn’t work anymore: paid ad spaces and media deals are simply throwing money at walls and seeing if it sticks.


We’re ANTI-news feed PR; here one second and gone the next in an endlessly scrolling timeline. And we’re ANTI-hastily written press releases that go straight in the junk mail.

Instead, we create stories that will take brands from A to B and beyond: stories that incorporate the real journalists and unique media contacts whom we have spent decades collaborating with. Using our vast network of individuals, we have the resources to connect the people and create the partnerships that can make long-lasting, meaningful work.

Brand Research, Storytelling & Strategy

Today more than ever, brands need to help their customers find a pathway through a confusing and accelerated world. Telling powerful stories is how you get there.

Through powerful shareable content and memorable brand stories, we want to channel the spirit of a time when people gathered around a campfire to tell stories: A time when telling a powerful story was about creating memories and connecting with a community.