“Our challenge is to create a new language, even a new sense of what it is to be human. It is to transcend not only national limitations, but even our species isolation, to enter into the larger community of living species. This brings about a completely new sense of reality and value.”

Thomas Berry in The Dream of the Earth



Our purpose is to discover, emerge and fund new technologies and stories influencing and engaging millions of people to make Earth+ lifestyles choices. Where others only see despair, we see opportunities emerging and, where there is chaos, lives the chance for new systems.

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“We are prototyping an Earth positive Future”


Snøcap Ventures is a new holistic investment model. We are building an ecosystem in which financial returns and good deeds go hand in hand. The Fund is a triple bottom line impact amplification fund activating financial (Profit), environmental (Planet) and social (People) capital to create a blueprint that frames an Earth+.

Grounded in tech, amplified on the virtual platform and expressed in myriad storytelling forms, we provide the framework and narrative shifting our collective story from catastrophe and detail the proactive steps we can take for an Earth Positive Future.


We are curating a mix of low- to high-risk, slow- and high-growth investment opportunities in one investment basket, creating well-balanced returns. Snøcap Ventures is a triple bottom line impact amplification fund with two focus areas of investments:






Our Earth positive focus is rooted in three core principles. 


  • Eco-balanced Profitability – accounting for economy & ecology 
  • Technology-enabled Adaptability – speed & sustainability in a rapidly changing world
  • Minimum 10X Breakthroughs 



Snøcap seeks to support development and expansion of technology & innovation with the greatest ability to reduce carbon impact on our ecosystems including, but not limited to, agriculture, manufacturing, energy production and transportation; that is relevant to natural resources that do the most to sequester carbon; and that work to restore the ecosystem. 


Radical changes to unit economics enable entirely new patterns which, by design, become increasingly efficient. Thus, if you can restore  ecosystems 100x faster and 10x cheaper than before, then projects that would not have been economic or compelling under prior metrics, suddenly emerge as viable. Superior unit economics gives our companies disruptive potential in existing markets or the ability to open latent markets. One of the best examples is the investment in mangroves. 





Storytelling is our most powerful tool to influence behavioral change. If we can influence what people think, we can change how they behave. Leveraging technology and the power of storytelling will be expressed in films, games, apps, AR/VR and yet-to-be discovered storytelling formats to reach billions of people and promote the story of a protopian future. Hollywood storytelling is a proven channel to generate billions of dollars, but needs new programming. With new storytellers, come new stories of heroes who inspire millions of viewers to take leaps towards creating a better World rather than just fighting the power of the old. There is a potential that has been imagined, but not yet fulfilled  and this is where we see a golden opportunity to seize.


But how are we solving the 2 degrees? 


With two clear steps. We are committed to identifying, capturing and extending this active market demand for sustainable, accessible, inclusive ecosystems of solutions vetted for their positive impact on both the economy and the environment. 


  • 1.) Creating market need by vetting and funding stories that accelerate behavioral change
  • 2.) Funding ‘Solutions‘ for systems that are Carbon negative


Modern civilization is experiencing a series of crises from many angles, ranging from health to environmental to governmental and, in truth, existential. The pattern of unconscious overconsumption brought us to this breaking point and only a new pattern of conscious production will bring forward a new Earth positive future.


One way of solving the climate crisis is by influencing consumer behavior, the other is creating and manufacturing products and systems that are Planet positive (industries that are most carbon negative and therefore in need of innovation are such as agriculture, manufacturing, energy production, transportation). Without amplification tools, there is minimal measurable positive impact on a global scale. Quite unexpectedly, we have been given the first tool in the form of the COVID19 virus with its clarion wake up call.


Now we have an army of awakened consumers, who finally understand the power of collaboration to create an accessible, inclusive engaging world, one that they can now see and want to sustain. We’ve seen what a difference 2 degrees can make in our lives and in the world outside our windows and it’s inspired the development of new stories of a better future for all.