Susanna Barla

Susanna Barla is a creative director and a brand architect. As a communication and marketing strategist to globally-known brands, institutions, and startups, she facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between clients, understanding business development & brand development strategy, marketing and communications strategy, design strategy, and how to integrate it all together. What binds all these elements together is her overarching mission to reconnect people to be in harmony with nature.


To fulfill this mission, she employs a strategy inspired by the Nordic Economic model, and adapted to the US, the UK and the rest of the world. Drawing on the lessons she learned through her prior success in marketing luxury products, Susanna adapts these methods to the world of environmentalism – with the ultimate goal of influencing the world’s most well-known corporations to become more eco-conscious.


Her motto?  “Compete with brands and make caring the new currency”.


In 2016 she extended her vision and created the AYD foundation, a platform devoted to raising awareness of, and giving financial aid assistance for refugees, as well as to provide long term solutions for their successful futures.


Susanna holds a BA from the University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion). Her 14+ years experience working in brand & business development, marketing and communications, as well as in creative direction in the luxury fashion and design sectors, have led to her working with numerous brands and clients: Maison Martin Margiela, Paule Ka, Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, White Cube London, Thyssen – Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Annenberg Foundation, DDB Worldwide Communications Group.

Alexa Rubenstein

Alexa Rubenstein Rachlin co-leads their family office in order to accelerate the global impact investing industry through investments, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships. In this role, she frequently advises fellow high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and foundations on impact investing.


Prior to this Alexa was an investment director at Cambridge Associates in addition spent four years as an associate at Goldman Sachs private wealth management department.


Alexa is passionate about gender smart investing and leverages her deep networks in finance, philanthropy, development, research, and entrepreneurship to connect public and private investors to the people and information they need to move their capital in a  sustainable way.


Alexa holds an MBA from Yale University and doing her PhD currently at Harvard.

Ruth Glendinning

Ruth Glendinning was born in London UK, grew up in Texas, lived in the Caribbean, California and Oklahoma where she worked with Native American tribes, before firmly planting her roots in Austin, Texas. She is a social entrepreneur and innovator with a history of working with clients in the local, national and global arenas focusing on grassroots entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on women’s work, including food and craft accelerators.


Her entrepreneurial path began in Los Angeles and continued in Austin, Texas where she discovered her true passion lay in the social impact entrepreneurship sector of the market. It was here that Ruth developed the model of cultural strategy which demonstrates the importance of creating a balance between community, culture and commerce for sustainable economy which was most notably demonstrated with the creation of the Community Renaissance Market (CRM), a 60,000 square foot grocery store repurposed into a microbusiness incubator containing 40+ microbusinesses. To better reflect the purpose of CRM to incubate businesses which meet the criteria of sustainable, local, organic work, she trademarked the “SLOW Tech® Incubator” (Sustainable Local Organic Work + Technology) concept in which specific technology is added to no-or low-tech community-based human-scale businesses to better equip them to thrive. Ultimately SLOW Tech is about using technology to improve the human experience, rather than distract from it.


Ruth is the relationship builder/connector/creative partner on projects that are mapped to real needs in the market, catalyzed by expanding technology and activated by personal relationships. Ruth is also an Associate with Thriving Business Solutions, focusing on developing relationship capital and stakeholder tools.